Do you suffer from hair loss, baldness, bald spots, or thin hair? For many people, full, thick hair is an integral part of a positive and self-confident aura. If hair loss is affecting your attitude to life or self-consciousness, that is reason enough to consider hair transplantation. Hair Transplantation may help you to regain a positive attitude to life.

Mostly among men, hereditary balding is almost inevitable, for it is coded into us genetically. A hair transplant involves taking hairs from the sides and back of your head and grafting them into the bald areas. Once there, these hair will grow as normal.

At TIPS, our mission is to provide consistently high quality permanent hair restoration results to all our patients using proven and leading techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Transplant
Here are some FAQs to address your queries/concerns about Hair Transplant

What are the causes of Baldness?
In 90% of cases, the cause is genetic. It can be inherited either from father or mother or both. Hair in front and at the top are genetically more susceptible to hormones and are thus shed (Alopecic/balding zone). Whereas hair on the sides and lower back of the scalp are genetically immune to hormone sensitivity and are thus destined to grow for lifetime (permanent zone)

What exactly is a hair transplant?
The hair transplant procedure takes hair follicles from the very back and sides of the head and artfully transplants them to thinning or balding areas. With TIPS follicular unit technologies, this results in a very natural appearance. To put it simply, we take hair from where you have more than you need and put it where you need it more.

Will the result look natural and permanent?
With the latest advancements in the field of hair transplantation, the transplanted hair remains for life. The restored hair looks natural both in orientation and density giving an almost undetectable transplant.

Is hair transplant surgery painful?
In general, you will feel minimal discomfort. Our doctors use mild sedatives and a local anesthetic. During the procedure, you simply need to relax and pass the time. Many of our patients watch movies, or listen to music during the procedure.

How many grafts are needed?
The number of grafts depend on the degree of hair loss, now and in future, the thickness and texture of hair and the density of hair adjacent to the bald area.

How long does the surgery take, and how much recovery time should I plan for?
Each patient's treatment is different, but in general the procedure can be completed in 3-8 hours. Procedures occasionally require more time depending on the number of follicular units being transplanted. The bandage on the forehead is removed on the second day. The scabs on the scalp fall off in about 10 days.

Do hair transplants cause any scars or other marks?
Modern hair transplant procedures produce a very natural look. Our highly skilled surgeons use special techniques to ensure that scarring is minimal and virtually undetectable. The fine cosmetic scar in the hair donor area is covered by your existing hair.

Is there any extra care to be taken for the transplanted hair?
No. It can be combed, washed, dyed, cut, and shaved like normal hair. It keeps growing back.

Would there be any side effects?
None at all. Its basically taking your hair from one area and shifting to another without adding any foreign body.

What are the other areas where hair can be transplanted?
Hair can be technically transplanted anywhere on the body. While the most common areas are Eyebrows and moustaches - beard, side burns and eye lashes can also be successfully transplanted.

Do females also suffer from baldness? And if so, what's the best treatment?
Baldness though to a lesser extent, can occur in women. It is called female pattern hair loss. It is also genetic and there is a family history. It can also be corrected with Hair Transplant Surgery. There are many other causes of hair loss and thinning of hair in women. Proper examination and evaluation can detect the underlying cause.


There is no substitute for experience when it comes to performing surgery. At TIPS, our hair transplant procedure and artistry emphasizes the natural variation in the color and texture of the hair, the angles and direction of hair growth, and the size and shape of grafts. The artistry involved in combining these numerous variations significantly impacts the naturalness of the hair restoration results. Not every physician has the skill or training for this refined technique.

We will work with you to establish a hair restoration plan to reduce baldness and return your youthful appearance with hair you can run your fingers through!

At TIPS, we offer FUE hair transplant, which is a natural looking and long lasting solution for hair loss. Using local anesthesia, FUE hair transplant is performed in the comfort and privacy of our office.

Hair Transplant Results

At TIPS, our effort is to provide consistently high quality permanent hair restoration to all our patients

The results of our FUE hair transplant have been life-changing bringing back the lost confidence and youth to our patients. This method of hair transplant helps rejuvenate your vigor with natural and undetectable results.

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