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Low Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

India is fast emerging as an international destination for various surgical procedures including orthopedic surgeries, cardiac surgeries, and cosmetic procedures like hair transplants. Low cost of cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant by highly qualified and experienced surgeons, latest techniques, fully equipped clinics and hospitals delivering world class results are a few reasons for India’s status as a hot destination for medical tourism. No wonder more and more people who opt for affordable hair restoration surgeries like the most advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) now choose to travel to India for the procedure. Hair transplant in India are popular due to following considerations:

Cost effective
Hair transplant procedure costs considerably less in India, about only 25 percent of its cost in the U.S. A single follicular hair transplant costs between 3 to 8 dollars in United States whereas in India, it costs just 1$ or so. It is also significantly cheaper when compared to Europe.

English Proficiency
People who travel to India for hair transplant do not face language problem as medical professionals here are well versed in English. Proper communication between patient and doctor is vital for the success of any medical procedure as it not only builds a good rapport but also make sure that patients follow the instructions by the doctor, understand the possible risks and consequences. In short, good communication is imperative for satisfactory results.

Qualified Professionals
Indian surgeons are among the best in the world. Many renowned hospitals and hair transplant centers in India have foreign educated hair surgeons who are well equipped to treat foreign patients. Even those hair surgeons trained and educated from local universities maintain high standard as Indian academic system is considered to be at par with the best in the world.

Latest Technology
Hair transplant centers in India, especially those located in larger cities like Chandigarh, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad are equipped with advanced equipment and trained staff along with experienced surgeons. They are fully capable of carrying out latest hair transplant procedures such as FUT (strip method) and FUE (follicular method) seamlessly with consistently good results.

Last but not the least India is the gateway to many natural and historical wonders. Visiting India for a hair transplant allows you to touch and experience a culture and civilizations that has survived thousands of years. You will be filled with wonder to see diverse geography, people, culture, language and ethnicity of India unfold in front of your eyes.

At TIPS, we offer FUE hair transplant, which is a natural looking and long lasting solution for hair loss. Using local anesthesia, FUE hair transplant is performed in the comfort and privacy of our office.

Hair Transplant Results

Low Cost Hair Transplant Result Low Cost Hair Treatment

At TIPS, our effort is to provide consistently high quality permanent hair restoration to all our patients

The results of our FUE hair transplant have been life-changing bringing back the lost confidence and youth to our patients. This method of hair transplant helps rejuvenate your vigor with natural and undetectable results.

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